It has been some time now since I have had a darkroom to work in, but I have embraced the digital revolution and worked to learn and develop those skills. About 2-1/2 years ago it came time to get myself a new cell phone and as chance would have it I chose the iPhone. It did not take any time at all to discover the myriad photography Apps available for that platform and quickly began producing images that satisfy me on so many levels. In my life that is filled with so many different demands on my time the iPhone has become my primary camera. There are no regrets with that reality, as I know that will evolve yet again as life moves on. The visual arts have always spoken to me very deeply. I have collected work by a number of artists over the years. I also love to read and often finish a book feeling so inspired and wondering why I cannot write on a level that instills that sort of inspiration. But then I realize that my photographic images grant me that same level of satisfaction. I recently came across a quote from the Roman poet Horace that has shed some light for me on these feelings: "A picture is a poem without words" So here on these pages are some of my "visual poetry" for you to enjoy and take inspiration from as you may. PEACE Photography as an art form has held my spirit from a very early age. I distinctly remember my first camera, it was a 120 format Kodak but I do not recall what model it was. I went looking for the little hidden treasures to photograph. I built many model cars and airplanes when I was younger and can remember posing them for my camera. Unfortunately I no longer have any of those images remaining. In my high school days I purchased my first 35mm camera, a Yashica TL Electro -X and took my explorations further. After college I added a Minolta XG-1 and XD-11 to my collection and used those cameras extensively as I traveled to seismic exploration crews across the world. Most of that work was color, a lot of Kodachrome. In the late 80's I tried some Tri-X and was quite disappointed with the results. Wanting to understand why and improve my skills I picked up Ansel Adams' series of books on The Camera, The Negative & The Print and there began my love of the Black & White image and my work with view cameras and producing images in the wet darkroom.

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