The following are links to photographers, artists and resources that I find inspiring and useful and visit often:

John Paul Caponigro - John Paul is a very inspiring contemporary photographer.  His blog is both inspiring and educational.  He has many very good resources available on his web site.


David duChemin - David's blog is a very inspiring resource that I visit almost daily.  Many of his entries are quite motivational and his push for more focus on craft and less on gear is the kind of thing I hunger for.  David has a wide variety of ePublications available through his Craft & Vision store.


Dan Burkholder - Dan was a very early adopter of the digital revolution.  His work in creating digital negatives for alternative process printing such as platinum/palladium is a valuable resource for anyone wanting to work in that arena.  Dan has also been a very enthusiastic adopter of the iPhone as a serious photographic art tool and has many good resources available there as well.


LensWork Daily - Brooks Jensen has been publishing LensWork now for almost 20 years and has embraced the digital revolution wholeheartedly and is constantly searching for ways to use it in the marketing and distribution of his artwork as well as his publication.


Harold Davis - Harold is a consummate educator and skilled photographer.  His images of flowers are wonderfully inspiring.  His blog would be well worth following.



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