Trees are a company that I seek often, and I think I am probably drawn to cottonwoods more than some.  They have so much character and elegance and dignity about themselves.  They have a distinctive beauty in each season.
In winter they stand in stark defiance of the cold and wind and proudly display all of the character of their form.
Spring comes and they gloriously cast their seeds to the world, each on its own little white cottony wings.  It is a spectacle that brings nothing short of joy and marvel, and at its peak one can feel as if they are in a living snow globe.
Throughout the summer their trunks and roots provide an embracing respite for the weary traveler or laborer, or anyone else who just needs a safe place to spend time with their thoughts.  Their big green leaves filter the sun to a soft, cool dapple, and they rustle in the wind whispering glad tidings to all.
With the coming of fall their leaves brighten the skies with cheery yellows and golds that bring warmth to the heart and soul.  As they begin to dry their rustle changes tone to a rattle that seems to tell Old Man Winter that they are once again ready to stand the cold vigil.
Here then is my Cinquain to these venerable souls of the world:
Tall, Majestic
Glowing, Sheltering, Embracing
Reaching For The Sky


(Originally published August 5, 2016)

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