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I started a Blog on the platform back on April 6, 2018 as a way to capture some of the thoughts and emotions I was working through at the time.  I am going to post all of those entries here on my new website in the hopes that they may reach and speak to anyone who may find them of value.  Maybe this will prompt me to take the excercise back up.

We are all, by nature, storytellers in one form or another.  If you think about it history has been carried through the ages on the backs of stories.  We each have our own chosen outlets for the stories that are important to us.  The visual arts have always been a very powerful avenue for us to convey our stories and ideas.

The world of photography has always been a very personal form of expression for me and my stories.  I very often turn to black and white photography for that expression.  When you strip the color out of an image you are left with just light, shadow and form, and the mind and eye are free to explore and imagine the wonders that were hidden by the color.

The story doesn’t necessarily have to be a specific idea that I, as the artist/storyteller, am trying to convey, but can also be a means to spark imagination in my viewers and allow each to develop their own private story.  We have all heard and used the cliché: “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  But often times we can tell a much deeper story with a series of images.

The Roman poet Horace once wrote: “a picture is a poem without words.”  It is my true desire that my photography provides a respite of poetry to those open to whatever hope and inspiration it has to give.

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