The Expression Of The Gift Of Our Muse

I have always gazed upon the clouds with wonder and inspiration and often direct my camera towards them.  I cannot say for sure that my propensity to photograph them did or did not come directly from Alfred Stieglitz or any other particular photographer:
“By photographing clouds, I mean to demonstrate how to hold a moment, to record something so completely, that all who see it will relive an equivalent of what has been expressed.”

I like to think that I at least had the notion that they were worthy subjects as a seed within my own artistic soul.  That is the vain side of me trying not to admit that this is not yet another example of the old adage; imitation is the highest form of flattery.

But I really shouldn’t be worrying about that any more than any other artist should.  At the end of the day we are all striving to make beautiful objects to hold up to the world to uplift the hearts and souls with expressions of our love.  Sure, we should be looking to produce and build on new and fresh ideas, but we should never forget that art cannot be produced in a complete vacuum.  We live out our days with inspiration surrounding our daily lives.  That inspiration comes from the world and nature around us as well as the work of others that we are exposed to be it artists, authors, poets, musicians, dancers or anyone else.

In a very real sense, virtually everything around us is like the proverbial snowflake: no two are the same.  So in that light each piece we produce as an artist is it’s own little snowflake and the world needs each and every one of them.  Never stop accepting inspiration from whatever quarter it is offered and use it on your own venture to develop your unique voice.  Strive to the standard that Alfred set for us and express what our muse has instilled in us as completely as we possibly can.

(Originally published June 27, 2016)

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