The Embrace Of My Muse

I wandered my way up to Broadview one Saturday morning to see what I might find for my lens and eye.  And I was not disappointed.  My muse certainly had my hand again on that morning.
After exploring around this old barn and some of the other structures nearby I sat for a while and basked in the quiet and solitude.  As I was about to get back in the car and head out to see what else I could find I looked up once more and saw what was surely my muse stretching her arms and broad smile to me in the clouds above.  While not distinct in any specific way I had the feeling that she had released a flight of doves to me in those cloud formations.
Each time I see this image go past on the screen I am instantly standing out there once again taking in that blessing which was given to me.  And I am reminded of, and feel that I have achieved in this image that “holding of a moment” that Alfred Stieglitz aspired to with his equivalents:
“By photographing clouds, I mean to demonstrate how to hold a moment, to record something so completely, that all who see it will relive an equivalent of what has been expressed.”
(Originally published June 24, 2016)

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