The High Wire Act

As a child I recall getting to go to a few circus shows that came through our area.  I don’t remember now if any of them were specifically Barnum & Bailey shows, but they were fun experiences nonetheless.  When my kids were younger I took them to a couple of circus shows, but they were only disappointing shadows of what I was looking for from my own childhood experiences.
This image is from my series “Lines Of Power” that studied the art and form of our utilitarian system of power distribution system which I introduced in an earlier entry.  The concept of storytelling through visual imagery is a very powerful one for me.
Each time I see this image come up on my computer display when the screen saver is running I am taken back to those childhood circus experiences.  Many of the images for this series were taken out in rural settings, but this particular one is set over a busy intersection in the heart of the town.  I see a trio of daring high wire performers playing out their daring dance over the constant ebb and flow of the traffic below.  They provide me with that brief opportunity of respite to revel in the excitement of the memories of my own circus experiences.  Is the performance just beginning or drawing to a close?
In the early days of the circus genre they would parade through the center of a town upon arrival to announce the coming performances and provide a teaser to draw the crowds to their shows.  How reminiscent of that announcement is this constant dance?
(Originally published June 22, 2016)

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